[Dixielandjazz] Traditional/Dixieland Jazz on San Diego Radio? Forget It!

Michael Thomason aussiemike at me.com
Thu Dec 27 12:26:26 PST 2012

G'day Listmates,
I recently attended the annual San Diego Traditional Jazz Festival and enjoyed it very much!
Imagine my dismay when I tuned in about a week later to our local 'Jazz' station (88.3FM) only to find myself listening to what is euphemistically labelled as 'modern' jazz!
No traditional jazz at all!
I called the station and was told that they had "no intention to play traditional jazz or change their current format"!
In the city which has one of the longest running Jazz Fests in the US I was astounded!
Needless to say - I no longer listen to 88.3FM San Diego.
Instead I listen to some of my more than 4000 tunes in my iTunes collection!


Mike Thomason
' aussiemike

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