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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Dec 20 01:25:19 PST 2012

Joe Carbery wrote:
> I have a recording (on CD) of the above tune recorded in 1932 by Duke Ellington. The composer credits are Victor Young, Lee Wiley & Ned Washington. The song was also recorded by Nat Cole, The Mills Brothers and
> by Lee Wiley, *inter alia.

> *A tune of the same title was recorded in 1920 by Paul Whiteman's
> Ambassador Orchestra on Victor 18694-A. The melody has a striking
> resemblance to the one credited to Young, Wiley & Washington...
> Has this similarity been remarked on before?

Dear Joe,
No. Your query did not go unnoticed.
However, with the current seasonal interruptions in the Haesler house, it has taken some time to assemble the evidence.
I believe it is basically the same tune with two sets of words.
1920. 	Max Kortlander - Louis Weslyn 
1932.	Ned Washington - Lee Wiley (lyrics) - Victor Young
Chronologically I have the following recorded versions: 
•Cliff Hess	(Kortlander) 1920
•Paul Whiteman (Kortlander) Victor, 23 August 1920
•Art Hickman (Kortlander) Columbia. 17 September 1920 
•Duke Ellington	(Young - Wiley - Washington) Brunswick. 21 December 1932
   (Victor Young supervised the session.)
•Leonard Hayton's Blue Four (Weslyn-Kortlander) Vocalion. 20 March 1928
•Chick Bullock (n. Washington - V Young) Melotone. 9 February 1933 [vocal] 
•The Mills Brothers (Young-Wiley-Washington) Harmony. 26 January 1933 [vocal]
•Glenn Miller (Louis Weslyn, Max Kortlander) Decca. 22 March 1937. [vocal] 
•Lee Wiley (Washington, Wiley, Young) 12 December 1950; 23 September 1951; 30 Septmber - 11 October 1971   [vocal]
•Bobby Hackett (Ned Washington, Lee Wiley, Victor Young ) Columbia. 12 December 1950 [vocal]
•Nat King Cole (Washington, Wiley, Young) Capitol. 30 June, July 1 & 2, 1958 [vocal]  
(All confirmed by the label credits and vocals where included.)

Here are the Louis Weslyn lyrics:
"Life is too short to waste the time in vain regret
That old spark of love for you is burning yet; 

Anytime, anyday, anywhere
Send a line, honey mine, I'll be there
If you want me again, won't you please tell me when
And the old joys once more we will share

Say where you are if you dare
So the way may be far, I don't care
Just a word, that is all, and I'll come to your call
Anytime, anyday, anywhere.

And here are the Lee Wiley lyrics:
"Anytime, anyday, anywhere
Say the word, you'll be heard
I'll be there.

Makes no difference where it leads me
I'll come running if you need me
Anytime, any day, anywhere."

However, based on the following lyrics it would seem that Hadda Brooks' "Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere" is no relation. I have never heard this.)

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Songwriters: Brooks, Hadda

"Your baby's left, don't feel so blue
Don't cry no river, she wasn't true
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

She took your kisses, said she'd be true
But now she's kissin' somebody new
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

You know I told you that she would leave you
You know I told you she'd never care
But when I told you you didn't believe me
'Cos she had you believin', she wasn't deceivin'
You though she was playin' it fair

Dry those teardrops, don't look so sad
Some brand new baby will make you glad
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Dry those teardrops, don't look so sad
Some brand new baby will make you glad
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, oh, my God."

I therefore suggest that Kortlander may not have copyrighted his version and Washington/Young borrowed it.
Or, hopefully, more likely purchased it.

The current ASCAP entry credits it to Washington - Wiley - Young.
The ASCAP 1952 Dictionary of Composers Authors and Publishers includes it under the Kortlander entry, but not under Weslyn.

I've attached below additional information (labels, sheet music, etc.) that cannot be transmitted via the DJML.
Very kind regards,

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