[Dixielandjazz] Idea For a Wonderful, Thoughtful Christmas Gift

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Fri Dec 14 14:37:14 PST 2012

I give music as a gift every Christmas,  I enclose a Cd of my band
with every Christmas card I write:    Absolutely Free:
Get's me a lot of great gigs all year long too.

I also give one to every client who books the band, and I pass them out freely at all Weddings we play as well.

Shameless Promotion pays off very well.

By the way folks,

We just records a new Funeral Cd of great Gospel songs this week.

Will post them on our website soon.

Happy Holidays to all however you choose to celebrate them.

Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band.
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band


Give Music for Christmas:

Suggestion For Christmas Gifts

I have 3-CDs available which would make nice Christmas gifts.  

Bob Ringwald’s Fulton  Street Jazz Band with Special Guest Molly Ringwald

Ringwald Rated R 

Bob Ringwald Plays and Sings the Music That Has Kept Him Out of the Big Time For 

The Great Pacific Jazz Band

The Music of Louis Armstrong

You can see the albums, hear samples from them  and purchase them at:


Or with a credit card at:


    Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday season. 

-Bob Ringwald
Amateur (ham) Radio Operator K6YBV
916/ 806-9551
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