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From:  Norman Vickers and Horace M. Harris


This note from our British  listmate ( both lists)  Horace M. Harris.
Horace was collecting 78 rpm  jazz records before WWII.  He's active with
the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors and is occasional
contributor to The American Rag, a California Traditional Jazz Monthly.


Horace adds his own personal anecdote about Slim Gaillard.


Thanks, Horace.



From: Horace Harris [mailto:horaceharris at btinternet.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2012 9:45 AM
To: Norman Vickers
Subject: Re: Guitarist/entertainer Slim Gaillard


Dear Norman,
Slim was a delightful person.   He enjoyed living in London for a year or
He was booked to appear one night at the Bath Jazz Club, of which I was a
member.  Knowing it would be an entertaining evening my wife and I took ten
friends with us.  
I spoke to him beforehand and told him that my wife had a problem with flat
feet.   I gave him a slip of paper with her name on it and asked him if he
would sing "The Flat Foot Floogie" for her.
Halfway through the evening he announced, "Edwina, where are you?  Stand up
please, because I am going to sing a little song, just for you!"
Can you imagine how astonished and pleased our friends all were?

Best wishes and a Happy Christmas.

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