[Dixielandjazz] San Diego Jazz Fest - an Addendum

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Mon Dec 3 13:40:57 PST 2012

Dear Michael,  I hope you told the program director that you nor any of the members of the Jazz Society have any plans to ever listen to his station  either.

Then I would suggest that the Folks running the Jazz Fest, ignore that station and go promote their festival on the local College stations which will  often play  Trad Jazz if you send them the music  especially of the artists that are appearing on the festival events.   Most  Modern Jazz Stations, do not play it because they believe the audience for it is all Dead and gone and or don't buy any products that they advertise on their stations.


Tom Wiggins

G'day Folks,
My wife and I just spent 4 days volunteering at the SDTJF (as we do every year) 
and thoroughly
Enjoy Ed every minute of it!
However, (there's always one of those) we were disappointed to see NO PRESS in 
We were also disappointed at the non-appearance of San Diego's 'Only Jazz Radio 
If they were there we didn't see them!
As a follow up to the Fest I contacted KSDS regarding the content of their 
programmes - they have NO TRAD/DIXIELAND AT ALL!
After a couple of emails their programme director advised me that they had NO 
PLANS to include TRAD/DIXIELAND in their schedule!

San Diego

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