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I'm pretty sure there are a couple of books such as you describe available
from members of this list.  I'm sure they'll weigh in soon.

Ron L

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Hello.  I subscribed to this mailing list after last weekend at the
Dixieland Festival in San Diego.

I am an about to retire lawyer and investment manager, but in real life, I
am a tuba player, an off and on member of the AFC Dixieland Jazz Society and
lover of great Dixieland, a good deal of which I enjoyed last weekend.

I worked my way through high school and college a long, long time ago,
playing in polka, dixieland and dance bands in and around the San Antonio
Austin area, graduated from University of Texas where I played in the
Longhorn Band.  Most recently I have been playing in a community band here.

My primary goal right now is to compile a book of all the standard songs, so
I can play at jam sessions etc. like the one I participated in this weekend.
It was so much fun, and would have been even more fun if I had been equipped
with a fake book etc.  Any suggestions about where to start and how to
proceed will be received with gratitude.

Jim Allen
Coronado, CA
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