[Dixielandjazz] Audio demonstration of jazz styles

Ken Gates kwg915 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 10:05:57 PST 2012

Deep in my archives I rediscovered a book "A Study of Jazz" 4th edition
(1981) by Paul Tanner and Maurice Gerow.  Included in this interesting
book was a small LP that demonstrated the styles of jazz associated with
time periods from 1900 through 1980.  Very well done---it starts with a
simple melody composed by the authors and subsequently played in
the styles explained in the chapters written.  The nine tracks are---
1-Tune melody     2-Early New Orleans   3-Ragtime    4-Chicago
5-Boogie Woogie   6-Big Band Swing     7-Bop     8-Cool     9-Funky
The musicians are professionals -- the names were not familiar to me--
but a quick internet search showed a Gene Krupa trumpet player for
example, and other credentials of other names.   I think it is very well
done and provides better understanding than narrative can do.

I have converted to digital mp3 format and thus can email the tracks
to those who may be interested.  Each track is short---ranging from
32 seconds to a minute and 29 seconds.  It may be helpful to those
wishing for a better understanding of the evolution of jazz.  It was
enlightening to me, at least.

Ken Gates

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