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Dunno whether this is the case with "Avalon", but Jolson several times
coerced composers/publishers into giving him credit for tunes in order to
get him to sing the tunes. This kind of thing occurred with some
regularity. Irving Mills did this all the time--eg with Ellington.


> Charlie Hull wrote in reply to Dick Baker:
>> According to Who Wrote That Song, which usually lists lyricist (w) and
>> composer (m) separately: "wm Al Jolson-Vincent Rose.
> Dear Charlie,
> So does my 1988 edition.
> However Rodger D Kinkle's Encyclopedia of Popular Music includes De Sylva
> (1895-1950) under the 1920 entry for "Avalon" and also under De Sylva's
> biographical entry.
> The 1952 ASCAP Biographical Dictionary of Composers, Authors and
> Publishers lists "Avalon" as one of George Gard 'Buddy' De Sylva's songs.
> But the ASCP website doesn't.
> Former DJMLer, the late Warren W Vaché, in his indispensable book 'The
> Unsung Songwriters' mentions that De Sylva and Al Jolson worked together
> from 1918 and says "Al Jolson shared the credits on the lyrics for
> "Avalon", a 1920 song by Vincent Rose. It was introduced by Al Jolson at
> the Winter Garden and became a hit..."
> Warren then mentions the successful infringement suit brought by composer
> Puccini and his publisher that it was stolen from a 'Tosca' aria.
> Refer also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avalon_(Al_Jolson_song) which
> reproduces the sheet music cover, without De Sylva's name, but names him
> in the article, which references Chris Tyle.
>> The Songwriters' Hall of Fame
>> http://songwritershalloffame.org/index.php/songs/C55/P200/ lists many
>> many songs credited to De Sylva, but Avalon isn't among them.
>> Avalon came out in 1920 and De Franco, according to Wikipedia, was born
>> in 1923.
> A senior moment Charlie?
> 8>)   I get 'em all the time.
> Trawling through my files has revealed the following:
> The August 1920 Paul Whiteman 12" Victor coupling which includes "Avalon"
> lists Rose as composer on the label.
> The October 1920 Isham Jones and Ernest Hare Brunswick recording lists
> only Jolson-Rose in the files.
> The February 1921 Art Hickman Columbia version of "Avalon" lists Jolson
> and Rose on the label.
> The February 1927 Red Nichols Five Pennies Brunswick version of "Avalon"
> lists Rose-Johlson on the label.
> The September 1934 Cab Calloway Brunswick version of "Avalon" lists
> Jolson-Rose on the label.
> The March 1935 Coleman Hawkins with Michel Warlop's Orch HMV version of
> "Avalon" lists De Sylva-Jolson-Rose on the label.
> The June 1935 Quintette du Hot Club de France version of "Avalon" lists
> Jolson-Rose-De Sylva on the label.
> The September 1935 Jimmy Lunceford Decca version of "Avalon" lists
> Jolson-Rose-De Sylva on the label.
> The Benny Goodman Quartet Bluebird version of "Avalon" lists
> Jolson-Rose-De Sylva on the label.
> When "Avalon" was revived by Al Jolson in 1946 for the pre-film promotion
> of 'The Jolson Story' Decca record album, "Avalon" was included with only
> Jolson-Rose as composers.
> The Index to 'British Dance Bands On Record 1911 To 1945' lists Avalon (Al
> Jolson-Vincent Rose)
> Has a pattern emerged pointing to 1935?
> As Dick Baker asked when initiating this thread:
>> Does anybody have a published copy of this song that includes Buddy De
>> Sylva among the credits?
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
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