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Hi, Dick

According to Who Wrote That Song, which usually lists lyricist (w) and composer (m) separately: "wm Al Jolson-Vincent Rose.

The Songwriters' Hall of Fame http://songwritershalloffame.org/index.php/songs/C55/P200/ lists many many songs credited to De Sylva, but Avalon isn't among them.

Avalon came out in 1920 and De Franco, according to Wikipedia, was born in 1923.

A Googlesearch on "buddy desylva" avalon yeilds several hits, mostly Utube, citing Jolson, Rose and DeSylva. One uses the word "arranger", maybe in reference to his version of the tune.

Charlie Hull

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Does anybody have a published copy of this song that includes Buddy 
De Sylva among the credits?  The original sheet (1920, Jerome Remick) 
credits just Vincent Rose & Al Jolson, but a multitude of published 
sources say it's all three.  Did De Sylva add lyrics to a later, 
revised edition?

If you have a copy with De Sylva, please tell me year and 
publisher.  Thanks in advance...

	  Dick Baker
  djml at dickbaker.org

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