[Dixielandjazz] Bob Crosby's Leadership

Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 26 18:14:20 PDT 2011

Bobby "Lips" Levine (reeds) led the Bob Crosby Bobcats in the 1990s,  
after Crosby's death. Then when he passed away, Ed Metz Sr. took over.  
I'm not 100% sure, (memory being what it is) but I thought both Ed and  
Bobby told me that they got permission to use the names Bob Crosby  
Orchestra and Bob Crosby Bobcats from the estate of Bob Crosby.

Levine was a sideman (and contractor) for the Bob Crosby Orchestra and  
Bobcats in the 1980s when Bob Crosby was still alive and leading the  

Perhaps Ed Metz Jr, or recent Bobcat members like Paul Hubbell can  
shed some light as to who actually owned the name before Levine and  
Metz got permission to use it.

Also,. IO read that the original Bobcats and Crosby Orchestra under  
Rodin's leadership disbanded during WW2. When they were re-formed by  
Crosby after the war, he may well have had rights tom the name.

Steve Barbone

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