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Peter Kerr, a Brit who is now a US citizen lived in the Northeast US before moving to his current home in Mobile, AL.

He’s a serious jazzfan and active with MOJO, Mobile’s jazz organization. He adds this bit of info.


See below, quip from DJML moderator, Bob Ringwald.


From: Peter Kerr [mailto:prkerr at mindspring.com] 
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To: Norman Vickers
Subject: Re: Unloading LPs


Hi Norman,

An extremely good source for jazz vinyl is the Jazz Record Center in New York at 236 W26th St, Room 804, online at www.jazzrecordcenter.com or phone 212 675 4480.

I have bought from them and been very satisfied.  According to their web site they are "always interested in purchasing collections, large or small, of jazz LP's CD's and literature in excellent condition". 
They appear on eBay from time to time with LP's often starting bids of $100 plus.

JRC is the top end of the jazz vinyl marke;  many cities, hereabouts including Daphne and Pensacola, have record stores.

Below that are the flea markets.  I have found treasures at the Mobile Flea Market from a stallholder who buys collections of all types of music.

Finally, one could take a flea market stall oneself and advertize it.


Peter Kerr


Bob Ringwald wrote:


And then there is the autographed LP jackets.  How can you copy an LP onto CD and then sell or donate the LP along with a personalized autograph by Bob Haggart, Wild Bill, Bud Freeman, etc?


--Bob Ringwald



Norman quips:  Brad Terry owes us big-time, since he started this thread.  He’ll have to tell us how he decided to dispose of his large LP collection.



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