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Carmen Brown, radio personality and jazz activist in Mobile, writes
responding to Brad Terry's query about what to do with his large collection
of LPs.  Thanks, Carmen


From: Carmen Brown [mailto:carmenbrown at carmenbrown.com] 
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Subject: 6.22.11 - Vinyl 


What to do with your vinyl...keep it.  Why? It's coming back. The "kids" are
discovering it - not only for the music, but also for the artwork and the
liner notes, the "retro" aspect and to be hip.  There are record collectible
shows all over the US, and if you've ever been to one, the majority of the
attendees and sellers are in the 25-40-year old range.  


Flea markets are another good place to find and sell vinyl.  When I bought
my house, went through my collection, found duplicates, rented a booth and
made $800 in one day.  Paid for the moving expenses.


Vinyl is huge in Europe and Japan.  A sax player friend recently re-released
(on CD) an album that he recorded in the late 70's.  He did it because
copies of the original, limited release LP were selling on eBay for up to
$2000 to collectors.  He got the response he wanted - sold out of first
reprinting and is working on a second batch. 


Several years ago, I purchased a CD player/recorder for my audio rack and
began the process of transferring my vinyl collection to CD.  P/R, at that
time, cost about $200.  Also had to get a new, higher watt amplifier and buy
CD-R music CDs to make transfers.  Total investment was more that I
originally paid for the components.


Recently, got new turntable with a USB connection to interface with my
computer.  It has a built-in pre-amp and plays all 3 speeds.  Price - under
$100.  Also invested in a better stylus.  Records on any format CD, which is
a plus.


Still love the "rice krispies" sound of vinyl and reading the liner notes
(sans magnifying or reading glasses) while listening to some vintage
classics that's just not available on CD on my 40+ year old Pioneer
turntable.  Downside is getting up every 15-20 minutes to flip the disc. I
call that exercise.  Short aside:  Turntable is belt-drive; when the
original belt rotted out, a fellow audiophile made new ones for me by
cutting inner tube tire strips to fit...have a lifetime supply and turntable
is still working fine.


Have a JAZZY weekend!


str8 ahead!










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