[Dixielandjazz] vinyl-- what to do? Clarinetist Brad Terry writes

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Tue Jun 21 19:50:27 PDT 2011

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Clarinetist Brad Terry writes about his problem of having approx 1,100 vinyl
See his note and description.  Brad is not on DJML, but I'm sending to that
list as well since it includes many more persons, some with  desired
expertise and not on the Musicians and Jazzfans list. 

If you're not familiar with Brad, he has multi pages of reference if you do
internet search.  He and late guitarist Lenny Breau did some duets which
were  issued posthumously ( that was Lenny's death, not Brad's, of course.)

If you respond on the DJML, please include Brad's address -- see below--so
he'll get it directly.

Thanks, I'll sit back and see what the experts have to say about the remedy
for Brad's problem-- would that be diagnosed as vinyl excessosis or vinyl
proliferative syndrome? (smile)
Thanks all.


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Hi Norman,
It's me again. I've been looking at the various e-mails about vinyl albums
and wonder if anyone can help. I started collecting Jazz albums when I was
still a kid, one of the first as I remember was the Andre Previn, "My Fair
Lady" Album. 
I started playing Dixieland and sat in at Condon's in NYC when it was still
on 4th st. For a while I was a Benny Goodman clone but decided just copying
some one was not for me. I gave away all my Goodman records and started
listening to everything except clarinet players and hopefully, good or bad,
developed a style and sound of my own. So.....
I have about 1,100 jazz vinyl albums; lots of names and labels,  all in good
playing shape and I don't know what to do with them. My preference would be
to turn them into some cash. .
 Some are valuable gems; some are not. Cataloging them all will take me for
ever but I'd like to clear the decks.
Unfortunately living  in Maine limits the interest I've found here.

So..does anybody have any suggestions? 

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