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Robert Ringwald rsr at ringwald.com
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Jerry Gordon wrote:

>I happened upon this just a few hours ago:
> Are you ready for coming changes to the Internet?
> IPv4 is the basis for all modern network communication. Without it, the
> Internet would grind to a halt. Unfortunately, IPv4 addresses are almost
> exhausted.
> A new standard, IPv6, will solve this problem. However, it isn't being
> adopted very quickly. That's why Google and others are holding World IPv6
> Day.
> Major websites are activating IPv6 versions of their sites. This is like a
> test run for IPv6. It will reveal what problems with IPv6 need to be
> solved.
> You shouldn't notice much of a difference. However, that could be because
> your Internet connection isn't IPv6-ready. This site will tell you if
> you're
> ready for the transition.
>> test-ipv6.com <

I asked my computer guru about this and here is what he said:

Yes. As you know, Internet addresses are numbers. Mine, currently assigned
by ATT is They are currently running out of addresses, as all
these 3rd world countries are coming on line. So they are changing the
format to add additional numbers.
Unlike the familiar IPv4 addresses which are 32 bits long, written in
decimal, and separated by periods, IPv6 addresses are 128 bits long, written
in hexadecimal, and separated by colons. An example would be:
Colons separate 16-bit fields. Leading zeros can be omitted in each field as
can be seen above where the field :0003: is written :3:. In addition, a
double colon (::) can be used once in an address to replace multiple fields
of zeros. For example:
can be written
Now you know. If your router won't handle version 6, it will have to be

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