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kaye Wade kaye at kayewade.com
Tue Jun 7 17:26:25 PDT 2011

They are both working again. Sorry!
I have something everyweek end untill the end of July now. Hope there is no more trouble.

The Washboard Music Festival in Logan Ohio (40 miles So. of Columbus) is the same as always - on Fri & Sat., 17th & 18th of June- of Father's day weekend, in the streets with merchants & food venders.  Buffalo Ridge will be playing their own sets as well as backing the Washboarders who come.  It's our 11th. year & always a lot of fun! Please come & have a great time!

(but that wire across the street  above the stage looks smaller so I better loose some weight before I cross it this year - however if I do it fast, you won't even notice me!)  :-D

Kaye Wade

Stuntwoman-Actress, Vocalist & Bandleader 

(also  *Kaye Wade's Riverboat Ramblers, *The Tinsel Town Ten Minus - 3, 

*Jazz Holiday Band @ Sardo's, Burbank, Ca, Washboards International.com

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