[Dixielandjazz] BRUCE ELDER

Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 01:24:10 PDT 2011

> Dear Marek:
> You crack me up. What triggered this discussion, in case you have a short
> memory span, are the following words in your ORIGINAL post about Marshall
> Stearns:
>> I would not have wondered so much about that, except that the notes
>> were by the jazz historian Marshall W. Stearns, written some five
>> years before completion of his Story of Jazz.  Thus, either he was
>> much less knowledgable than is generally believed, or he distorted
>> facts on purpose.
> The above is NONSENSE. A conclusion drawn without any facts to back it up.
> As I proved with numerous facts about Mr. Stearns numerous contributions to
> jazz history & knowledge.

Nothing new.  And all this is circumstantial evidence, which would not
stand in court, as you, being a lawyer, should know.
> Now you say Elder is a pop music critic. Apparently when you got my note you
> Ignored the two reviews by him about JAZZ musicians. You chose only to note
> that he is listed as pop music critic for the Sydney paper, even though one
> of the reviews I sent you is a JAZZ review for that paper.

So?  Many critics write on matters they don't understand.  Copying
liner notes (well evidenced) does not show knowledge and
understanding, just bowing to authority.
> In any event, the Elder discussion was never the point of the case. Your
> faulty comment about Stearns was.
> Have you been drinking again? <grin>

Was my comment "have you been drinking again?"    OK, stretching the
point.  And I don't agree that my comment about Stearns was faulty.
He SHOULD have known better!

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