[Dixielandjazz] Charlie Butterfield Trombonist and sons

Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 24 10:04:55 PDT 2010

>  "Paxite" <paxite at comcast.net> wrote:
> Charlie Butterfield was a neat guy and a very close friend of my  
> father, Don Bryan. They enjoyed each other's sense of humor, among  
> other things.
> My father was one of the top trumpet players in New York from the  
> mid-20s through the early '40s. He and Mannie Klein had a mutual  
> admiration society, having worked together on many early radio shows  
> and recordings. Both thought the other was the best.
> Charlie and Dad had played together for many years with Don Voohees,  
> beginning in the early days of network radio. When not with  
> Voorhees, he was first trumpet for Fred Waring for about ten years.  
> He had taught Waring how to conduct an orchestra.
> When Voohees gave up conducting the music for the duPont Cavalcade  
> of America Monday night radio drama, because of the Bell Telephone  
> Hour, my Dad took over as conductor for him. Charlie always was on  
> his list of must musicians in any of his studio work.
> I never knew Charlie's son. If he is still around and you think he  
> might be interested, please try to put us in contact with each  
> other. Give me an e-mail address or a telephone number, and I'll do  
> the rest. Thanks.
> Donald Pack Bryan
> P.S. Did you know that Charlie stuttered?

Dear Don:

I met one of Charlie's sons Kenny (trumpet player) at Hofstra College  
in 1956. He started a Dixieland band called "The Beale Street  
Stompers" in which I played clarinet. Other members were Al (Jim)  
Winters and/or sometimes Carl Wilhelm on trombone, Dick Sherman,  
drums; Charlie Traeger on bass, and Gerry Behrens on piano. We did a  
lot of gigs together from 1956 to 1962.

I also met Charlie and another son, (older than Kenny) whose name I  
forget. Charlie's friends Bob Haggart and Yank Lawson sat in with  
Beale Street a few times at the Hotel Carlton in Rockville Center,  
Long Island in the late 1950s. Great sessions.

I think the below You Tube has Ken on Trumpet. Not sure I recognize  
him since I haven't seen him since about 1962 when we both graduated  
from Law School. But It may very well be him, and the location (Long  
Island) fits. And as I remember, he plays like Charlie's son Kenny did  
back in the 1950s.


You might google search Isotope Stompers for more info. Or email Bob  
Barta at
banjo at optonline.net for Ken's current contact information as Bob has  
worked with him fairly recently I believe.

Or try email to sherm1931 at optonline.net. This is the last email  
address I have for Dick Sherman who was the drummer in the Beale  
Strteet Stompers and lived near Ken.

Steve Barbone

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