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Here's an anecdote from Sandy Gumpert, widow of cornetist Don Gumpert who
played in St. Louis before coming to Pensacola in late 1960s and performing
in the area  until his death  a few years ago.  Thanks, Sandy.


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Your post reminds me of the time the band had an engagement in Aruba (we
were living in Atlanta at the time).  The tubist, Skip Diringer played a
tuba; the sponsor paid for a ticket for Skip's tuba.  The tuba had a seat by
the window and two passengers in the adjoining seats complained constantly
about the tuba taking up valuable window seat space.  The flight attendant
had to explain several times to the couple that the tuba had a valid paid
ticket.  I still smile whenever I think about that trip!  (Same thing
happened on the return trip).



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