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Hi Katie!
Great! When I was something like 17 years of age I sometimes helped out, mostly during summer holidays, with the La Vida Jazzband and Silver Leaf Brassband.Jim was a regular member of that band then, so I must have done something like 30 - 40 gigs with him during those years, on clarinet and alto sax.I think I played together with Jim Leigh and Elyna Tatum at the Rotterdam Jazz festival then.
The funny thing is that a few weeks ago I was wondering what happened to him. So a pleasant surprise to read his name!     
Kind regards,     
Bert Brandsma   

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Hi Bert - Yes, that's our Jim Leigh!  Do you know him from when he lived on that side of the world?  I play with him every Sunday at a farmer's market in Montrose, California.  Here's a little video I made showing our Sunday gig:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgfX4TkG-gACheers,Katie Los Angeles, CA

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Hello Katie,
Is that the same trombone playing Jim Leigh who lived for many years in the Netherlands? (and played with : High Moor City Seven and La Vida Jazzband here?)
Kind regards,
Bert Brandsma

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> Hi Don - 
> The song is Suzie Blue by Ben Harper
> The band on it was a Southern California band called the Real Time Jazz Band and 
> included Mike Fay on Tenor Banjo, and Jim Leigh on Trombone, Dick Barns on 
> washboard, Jim Bogen on clarinet, David Firman on bass, and Bruce Bishop on 
> guitar. - I think that's right anyway.  Someone else who has lived here longer 
> in Southern California then me may remember the
 band.  You can find the whole 
> song on YouTube.  Ben Harper is a rather popular guy and I know that Jim Leigh 
> has a gold record hanging in his house from this recording.  Not bad for a trad 
> band!
> - Katie Cavera
> Los Angeles, CA
>  http://www.katiecavera.com
> http://www.youtube.com/kcavera
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