[Dixielandjazz] Jazzy Cadillac ad on TV

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The poster slowed the records down without regard to musical keys, I think.
It is true, that many "78s" were recorded slower and the very early ones
were done much slower, but musicians usually played in conventional keys
which can be determined by looking at sheet music and having an
understanding of comfortable ranges for instruments, "easy keys", etc.

Ron L

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Katie Cavera wrote [in part]:

> The song is Suzie Blue by Ben Harper
> The band on it was a Southern California band called the Real Time Jazz
Band .......  You can find the whole 
> song on YouTube.  

Dear Katie,
I went looking for "Suzie Blue" by the Real Time JB, but came up with
If that is what you meant.
Plenty of clips by Ben Harper.
While 'surfing' this one I found the following interesting video:
We used to play with the ODJB 78 records in this way and reached a similar
We also did the same with King Oliver's "Alligator Hop", but I could never
convince my dear mate, the late John RT Davies.
Very kind regards,
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