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If you are going to be in NYC any time in the near future, don't miss going to the Ear Inn.  I've been there.  The music is fantastic and they have one of the best hamburgers I've ever had.  

See below from Jon-Erik Kellso.  

This Sunday, Oct. 17th I will be back in the saddle,
leading the EarRegulars at our regular gig at
The Ear Inn
, 8-11-ish
with regular EarRegular guitarist Matt Munisteri,
special guest (in town from Cali) Dan Barrett
on trombone,
and our pal Joel Forbes on bass.
Dan and Joel and I just got back from a fun weekend at the Roswell Jazz Fest with
Barrett's "Blue Swing" revisited,
and we're fortified with enough green chile to spice up things significantly.
Best to get to
the Ear
early to make sure you secure your spot,
and bring an appetite if you wanna sit at a table near the band.
The Ear Inn is at
326 Spring St.
between Washington and Greenwich Streets,
way out west near the Holland Tunnel.
It's one of the oldest bars in New York
with a very interesting history going back to 1817.
No cover or minimum, but please visit our friend "Phillup DeBucket"
(that's our subtle way of letting you know we have a tip jar).
There's yummy inexpensive food served late.
Come as you are, say hi to Victor,
the coolest bartender ever, and the hip waitstaff...it's always a fun hang!
Parking's usually pretty easy there,
or you can take the 1 train to Houston, exit via King St.,
then walk south 3 blocks and west 3 blocks,
or take the C or E train to Spring St., and walk west a few blocks.
Sneak peek coming attractions for the Ear:
Oct. 24th Milwaukeean/Bixian cornetist Andy Schumm
will make merry along with
trombonist Dan Barrett!
And you can watch! Sorry, bad one. If you like Bix Beiderbecke, you should check
out Andy.
He really has that kind of sound and approach, beautiful.
 And if you don't know Barrett's playing, well, you oughta!
Oct. 31st (Halloween) Scott Robinson
 will scare you, he's so good.
Nov. 7th Alex Hoffman
 and his tenor sax will be heating things up.
 American Songbook
, Oct 20th
 on PBS at 8pm.
Michael sits in with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks (including
moi) at Sofia's on the  show!
Mondays and Tuesdays from 8-11:00 pm
I play with
Vince Giordano's Nighthawks
in the Club Cache',
downstairs from Sofia's in the Hotel Edison at 221 W. 46th St.
between Broadway and 8th Ave., NYC,
$15 cover, $15 minimum, or 1 drink minimum at the bar.
Reservations: 212-719-5799.
I'm looking forward to playing with pianist/singer
Judy Carmichael
 and guitarist Chris Flory on
Tuesday, November 9th,
 7:30PM, Jazz 'n the Hall at SOPAC,
South Orange Performing Arts Center, Presented by the Seton Hall Arts Council
$25 General Public
$15 Seniors and Seton Hall University Alumns
$8 Student and Seton Hall University Employees with ID
Please check out the message below from my friend Judy
She has initiated a wonderful project for bringing jazz to a younger audience.
Hope you are able to help; it'll be great to get kids excited about jazz.
Join us for an exciting new project!
Hi everyone!
"How do we get a younger audience for jazz?"
This is the question I hear constantly, and I have the answer:
Bring the music to them, instead of waiting for them to come to it.
Every jazz fan had someone who played them that first fantastic record or took them
to an unforgettable concert, and we need to assertively do that for the next generation
of listeners.
I've gathered a GREAT group of musicians (who also have extensive teaching experience)
for a project I hope you'll help us realize. Through Kickstarter, an online fundraising
site, we have
90 days
 to raise the money for a series of performances in schools across the country, which
will be filmed for a DVD to be sent to other schools and funding organizations to
keep the project going. PLEASE contribute anything you can and forward this to your
friends who believe live music, and the listening skills to enjoy it, are important.
I'm tired of hearing people complain about "the audience for jazz is shrinking" or
"no one knows how to listen anymore". Let's do something about it!
Please make a donation at Kickstarter:
Thank you all, and a special thank you to
Henry and Gilda Block
 and the Ken Kolker Foundation
 for their generous gift to Jazz Inspired, Inc. which inspired my pursuing Kickstarter
to match their contribution.
Please join in and thanks,
Musicians involved:
Leroy Jones, Jon-Erik Kellso, Mike Hashim, Harry Allen, Jeff Rupert, Chris Flory,
James Chirillo
Our filmmaker:
Richard Ficara
 has worked for over twenty-five years in news and documentaries. He has traveled
extensively for ABC's
Nightline, World News Tonight,
Good Morning America
, and PBS Frontline
. Six shows he has worked on have received Emmy awards.
The EarRegulars got a plug in the NY Times
 Monday, 9/17 when Thom Felicia described his perfect Sunday in NYC:
A Bit Lazy, a Bit Productive
Thom Filicia, the interior designer of "Queer Eye" fame, continues to stage home
décor interventions as the host of
"Tacky House"
"Dress My Nest"
 on the Style Network. Mr. Filicia, 41, who also has a home furnishings line, lives
in SoHo with his companion, Greg Calejo, a publicist, and two dogs, Paco and Foxy.
Every other weekend, they head upstate to Skaneateles, where Mr. Filicia is renovating
a 1907 lake house.
"...JAZZ WITH DINNER - I love going to the
Ear Inn
for the jazz on Sunday nights;
 for one thing, it's practically just
across the street. Even when we've been upstate, we like to try and
drive home in time to have dinner there with friends. A turkey burger
...with no bun, a great bottle of beer,
 all kinds of unbelievable music -
like the guy who plays the conch shell.
At 11, we go home and take the
dogs for a quick walk.
 That's a perfect New York Sunday."
I'm not sure who has played a conch shell at the
. it wasn't Scott Robinson, I checked. I don't think Steve Turre has played there.
Maybe he thought my plunger mute was a conch shell, I dunno.
Click below for the whole article.
To see recent videos
 of me playing my horn, click here, there's a mess of them:
Michael Steinman's JazzLives blogs
EAR" (Sept. 26, 2010):
http://jazzlives.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/deep-songs-at-the-ear -sept-26-2010/
"IT'S GLORY: THE EAR INN" (September 5, 2010):
http://jazzlives.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/its-glory-the-ear-inn -september-5-2010/
"GOOD OLD NEW YORK: THE EAR INN" (August 29, 2010):
http://jazzlives.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/good-old-new-york-the-ear- inn-august-29-2010/
complete with his videos of us playing recently at the Ear Inn.
And subscribe while you're at it, he'll keep you in the know.
hope to see you sooner than later,
Jon-Erik Kellso
P.S. As always, just lemmeno if you want off of my e-mailing list.
P.P.S. if you still
 haven't had enough with all the clicking and web surfing already, here, go nuts!:

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