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I send this link as photos wouldn't transmit on DJML.


:&cd=2ltUn5Ebyjg&usg=AFQjCNHDJjXlL465PPkfpouZJFpKASQjVw> Clint Eastwood
excavates his storied cinematic past
USA Today
The late jazz great consulted on the film. Eastwood is a composer for many
of his films - and a life-long jazz fan. "I used to play flugelhorn," he
says, ...




Here's a link to USA Today story about Clint Eastwood-Has a new movie coming
out.  It's a brief retrospective about his career ( he's 80 years old),
Mentions his interest in jazz.  Doesn't mention his piano playing and
doesn't catalog the

Several things he's done promoting jazz-special on Thelonious Monk and his
collaboration with Burns on the subsequent jazz/blues series.  Remember
after the iconic 17 hour series on jazz, Burns  had various producers
sponsor one hour program for PBS.  As might be expected, results were mixed.


 It does mention, of course, Eastwood's movie "Bird"  about the life of
Charlie Parker.


Permit me one anecdote here.  I had become friends with Brazilian
classical/jazz guitarist Laurindo Almeida.  Almeida had come to US in
late1940s from Brazil where he was already famous.  He rode the Stan Kenton
bus for three years and then became a studio musician in LA after Kenton
broke up that band.  We had brought Laurindo to Pensacola several times for
Pensacola JazzFest and I'd had opportunity to visit in his home in Sherman
Oaks, CA a couple of times.


Laurindo told me that he was invited by Eastwood to do solo guitar
background music for the opening scene in Eastwood's movie  Unforgiven.  I
attended the movie-a sort of violent movie to end all violent movies-mainly
to hear Laurindo's guitar solo.  There was no credit to Laurindo at the end.
I later spoke with Laurindo about this and he said-

Eastwood had specifically requested that Laurindo play the opening music and
that during the recording, Eastwood had passed through and given the "thumbs
up" sign to him.  And, Laurindo concluded,  " I was paid well!"



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