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>  There will always be people  who enjoy listening to and playing  
> jazz -- just as there are still  people who like to  maintain and drive
> Model T cards, operate antique steam  engines,  stage Civil War 
> etc.  But they are all very  small minorities.
> We may as well stop talking  about  keeping traditional jazz alive and
> accept the inevitable ...  distasteful  though it may be to us.

I don't  think so.  Classical music - also a minority thing - has
survived for  centuries.  Why not traditional jazz?  It may never again
be as  widespread as in the 1950's or 1960's, but disappear?
    Hmmmm....  I didn't say disappear  (see above).  I said I think there 
will always be a small minority of  people who will play and enjoy it.
    Other list messages have misquoted me  as saying "doomsday" was coming. 
 I didn't say that, either.
    You may disagree me as you wish,  friends, but please do not misquote 
me, even if my opinion doesn't agree with  yours.  That tactic is used far 
too many nowadays.
                                                                Al B

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