[Dixielandjazz] Pessimism abounds for saving OKOM

billsharp sharp-b at clearwire.net
Fri May 28 13:26:41 PDT 2010

Al, you said:

We old farts  have lived through some magnificent years, but let us face
the end of the music  with grace and with appreciation that we were 
able to
enjoy it.  It's  better to celebrate the good times of the past than to 
the unavoidable  bad times that appear to be ahead.
Why beat to  death ideas that no one will ever implement anyway?  Let's 
away the  defibrillators and just PARTY!

  ** * * ** * **
Ok, Mr Doom and Gloom,  grab a bottle and swill it down and keep 
yourself in drunken oblivion and don't seek a life jacket, cause it 
sounds like you've decided that you are on a sinking ship and there's 
no hope.   . . .. just PARTY! , as you say.

There's absolutely no optimism in your message, which is ok for you, 
but there are probably a host of people who would like to see something 
happen, find a plan and implement it.  Work it through - --  just to 
perhaps see if something can't be done to at least.  Optimism tells me 
to "grab a lifeboat, and float to a new shore."  You aren't apparently 
on the lifeboat's passenger list.

Bill ( sin or swim) Sharp

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