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But I  agree that we are probably beating to death ideas that no one will 
ever  implement anyway. I've been involved in enough jazz clubs and festivals 
in my  relatively short time in this world of trad jazz enthusiasts to 
realize that  you have probably hit the nail on the head with that statement. 
    Yeah ... talk is cheap.  Except  in Washington, DC.

Luckily  I have wide and eclectic tastes in music so there will always be 
something out  there for me to enjoy, even if it's not my first love.
    To be sure!  In addition to  Dixieland, I also play in bands that play 
western swing (cowboy jazz),  Bavarian oompah music, and American popular 
music of the era 1920 to 1970.   It's all fun.
    I find it fascinating that, in many  parts of the USA, Bavarian oompah 
bands are hired more often than are  traditional jazz bands (year-round; not 
only at Oktoberfest time), and they play  to large, enthusiastic audiences. 
 So far this year, I have more oompah  gigs on my calendar than Dixieland 
gigs.  Hmmmmm....
                                                                    Al B

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