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Shalom Steve,

We've had this experience here in Israel. Found some young swing dancers on
Facebook, made contact, eventually met them and discovered they love to
dance to the music I play -- even if it's just me on banjo, or maybe with
another player or two. Not even a full band. My Doctor Jazz band has hired
some of them a couple times to dance and to teach the audience to swing
dance during our shows. We did a swing dance nite at the local comedy club.
And the dancers have even booked me for a gig so they could dance to my
music. We've gotten together to do some playing and dancing on the streets
of Tel Aviv, even just for practice with me and another banjo player. Still
draws a crowd and tips and CD sales, and people taking business cards for
possible future gigs.

Unfortunately, they are in Tel Aviv and I'm in Jerusalem, so the distance
interferes with our doing more together.

Steve is right. Let's find the young people who like to dance to our music.
They will keep the music and dance alive for us, and after we're gone...

Doctor Jazz Dixieland Band
Jerusalem, Israel

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OK Larry, so think outside the box. SWING DANCERS love to dance to
live music. Play at some swing dances. Get to know the kids. Then
invite them to your public gigs. THEY WILL SHOW UP IF THE BAND SWINGS.

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