[Dixielandjazz] Adding Youthful members / or audiences

Katie Cavera kcavera at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 27 08:17:51 PDT 2010

(polite snip)
From: "Phil Wilking" <philwilking at bellsouth.net>
No, the youngsters are not going to be at your usual locations - you have to 
hunt them up in their natural habitats - which normally will NOT be where 
their elders hang out.

Yes Phil - that's exactly right! I play in different bands - some for younger crowds and some for older crowds.  And the venues are entirely different.  I have no worries about this kind of music dying because I know there is a young enthusiastic audience out there for what we do.  But if I take one or two of these young jazz fans and send them to a typical Sunday afternoon jazz club here in LA, they may enjoy it well enough, but they are not going to see any of their peers.  And they want to go somewhere they can dance and meet other boys/girls and hang out with friends.  

Here's a link that might be of interest:  

This is a swing dance club in downtown Los Angeles.  Maxwell DeMille (who's real name and identity I don't know) is a local business man and a few years ago he found this marvelous venue after running different swing dance events around town.  This club is open every Sunday night for dancing and/or dining.  There is a dress code and a cover charge but that doesn't seem to stop them from packing the place.  If you click on the 'broadcast' button you can see past shows they've had there.  And if you click on the broadcast on Sunday night when the band is there, they have a live web broadcast of whoever is playing the club that night.  *And* they also have a live chat happening at the same time with all the people watching the webcast so you can discuss what you're watching with other people.  I've 'tuned in' to the live broadcast a few times when there is a band I want to check out.   Anyway this is just a really good example of a successful venue where
 the music is really appealing to a younger audience.  
- Katie

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