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Thanks to everyone for their responses on my question. 
As Phil has noted below there is an "A" part and a "B" part. The "A" part contains the lyrics I have quoted. 
I have checked all of my fake books and can't find a copy of the "B" part and obviously no words for the "B" part. 
Does anyone have a lead sheet that includes the "B" part?  Lyrics would also be be appreciated for the "B" part.
Kevin YeatesVancouver, Canada

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The tune has an A part which starts as you quote, then a B part, then the A part is repeated with other lyrics. If you want to play it more than once, you start over t A. A-B-A-A-B-A, etc.

Phil Wilking

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> Every version I have heard of Goofus contains what I would call the chorus. The part I am referring to has the words that include
> “I was born on a farm out in Ioway
> A flaming youth who was bound that he’d fly away”
> I had only heard it played that way until I was listening to a recording of it by Slim Lamar’s Southerners. They play a whole lot more of the tune than simply the famous part I have mentioned above. In fact that part seemed to come up only once. (I wasn’t listening that carefully to it.)
> Can anyone tell me if there actually is a verse to the tune or did Slim Lamar’s Southerners simply do a good job of creating a bit more to flesh things out. If there is a verse as well, does anyone have the words?
> Kevin Yeates
> Vancouver, Canada
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