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Shalom Steve and listmates,

Interesting article ... interesting observation.

I lived through several years of suicide bombings in downtown Jerusalem from
2000 to 2003 or so, through it all playing OKOM on the pedestrian mall in
the center of town. I was warned repeatedly by well meaning family and
friends to stay away from there. But bringing happy music to the trouble
spots in Israel was one of the reasons I moved here, and I was determined to
make my contribution to the cause.

Although my band and I played in numerous places that were considered
targets, and although there were numerous bombings in town, none ever
happened on my watch. The closest I ever got to them was a couple times when
I could hear the explosion from half a mile to a mile away.

While I cannot prove my claim scientifically, I came through this experience
with the sense that the music may have created an atmosphere in which a
potential bomber would not be in the mood to kill himself or anyone else
where our kind of music was in the air. The music certainly created a sense
of calm and normality that helped the public who ventured downtown to feel
more comfortable there.

Because of our security issues, a simple thing like someone inadvertantly
leaving a shopping bag by a table at a sidewalk cafe will bring out the
police and bomb squad to be sure it is not a bomb. When this happens, the
police will clear the area around the suspicious object while they deal with
it. This obviously makes people nervous. More than once I have been told by
the police, "Well, play something!" on such occasions. And I did. I also
give balloons to the kids. However, in these circumstances one must be very
careful how one handles the inevitable popping of some balloons!

So I say, yeah, jazz for peace. Glad to hear of a city that recognizes the
value of our music. (Jerusalem has yet to acknowledge the contribution of
myself and other street musicians who came out during the difficult times to
try to recreate the festive downtown atmosphere.)

Tactical Banjoist
Doctor Jazz Dixieland Band
Jerusalem, Israel

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Here's a new reason to hire Dixieland Bands. "Music hath powers to
soothe the savage breast." Especially, OKOM. What a change from 1917
when it inflamed listeners and ruined women. <grin> This from the
Montreal Gazette after the Canadians won a hockey game from the
Philadelphia flyers.

Steve Barbone

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