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Sat May 15 18:01:06 PDT 2010

Hello, Elazar,
    That is a common e-mail scam story at  the moment.  It's interesting 
that, although I receive dozens of scam  messages a day, I had NOT received 
any with that tale of woe.
    I often reply to the scam  messages.  Sometimes I play along and get 
them occupied with me for weeks  at a time.  One time I told them I owned a 
crayfish farm in East Texas and  I needed the money they were offering me to 
expand the farm.  That went on  for weeks, and the scammer got very annoyed 
with me before he gave  up.
    Only this week, I send my other kind  of reply to one scammer -- a 
cartoon of a rabbit that says "It's cute how stupid  you are."  I received an 
irate reply to that one.  He said I had  "insulted his personality."
    The scammers have software that  generates random e-mail addresses, so 
they will eventually hit virtually  everyone with their silly messages.
    One of my friends, a former US Secret  Service Agent, has told me that 
scamming is a major industry in Nigeria, with  many, many schools teaching 
people how to scam the gullible via e-mail, mail,  and telephone.  It's 
difficult to see how anyone would fall for their  outrageous stories and send 
them money, but some people do....
    About 12 years ago a bunch of  Nigerians worked at the gas station at 
the north end of the Garden State  Parkway.  If a customer paid with cash, 
they would profess to have no coin  change, scamming a few cents here and 
there --penny-ante, by  definition!
    Welcome to the club,  Elazar!
                                                    Shalom,    Al B.
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jazzmin at actcom.net.il writes:

Shalom  jazz fans,

Today I received 2 emails ostensibly from Mike Henebry,  saying he was 
in London and urgently needs money to return home.  Since I have received
similar emails in the past alleging to be from other  friends, I suspect 
one is as fraudulent as the others I know about. It  is a case of identity

Has anyone else received an email like  this? I am not in contact with Mike
and do not know him except by  reputation. I don't know how my email
addresses got into the hands of the  perpetrators. I thnk it is safe to
assume that Mike is not in London, has  not been robbed, and even if he had
been, he would have more secure means  of getting help.

Based on my similar experiences in the past, I urge  listmates not to reply
to these emails, and certainly not to send money. If  you have reason to be
concerned about Mike, contact him directly to verify  facts before

Blessings from Israel,

Elazar  Brandt
Doctor Jazz Dixieland Band
Jerusalem,  Israel

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