[Dixielandjazz] Pee Wee Russell in Downbeat

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sat May 8 15:22:39 PDT 2010

Hans en Corrie asked:
> In a Downbeat interview from ca 1958 Pee Wee Russell remembers that he was
> on a recording session by Don Voorhees Orchestra for a "paper-record",
> probably Hit of the Week. Can someone scan me this interview?

Dear Hans,
Robert Hilbert and David Niven, authors of 'Pee wee Speaks. A Discography of Pee Wee Russell'  (1992. The Scarecrow Press, Inc.) and its companion biography by Robert Hilbert  'Pee Wee Russell. The Life of a Jazzman" (1993. Oxford University Press) include references to the 15 May 1958 Downbeat interview and, in particular, the Don Voohees' 'Hit-of-the Week ' records.
On page 24 of the Discography, Mr Hilbert mentions the Hit-of-the Week record dates of December 1929, 28 February and July i930 and 20 June 19 and 8 August 1931. He also cites the clarinet solos on "Roll On Mississippi" and the Hit of the Week 1061 recording of "Mysterious Mose" by Bobby Dixon's Broadcasters. He does not believe they are by Pee Wee Russell.
The Voohee's reference in Pee Wee's 1958 Downbeat interview (including a brief extract) is mentioned on pages 78-79 of the biography.
As you know, "Roll On Mississippi" in on CD (Archeophone 3003). Both short clarinet solos could be Pee Wee - to my ears. 
"Mysterious Mose" by Bobby Dixon's Broadcasters is on CD (Archeophone 3002), but the clarinet solo is too short to identify anyone.
Very kind regards,

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