[Dixielandjazz] Dutch Swing College Band 65 years, big concert coming Saturday

Graham Martin grahmartin at bigpond.com
Mon May 3 16:22:50 PDT 2010

Hi All, and thanks Bert for heralding the concert and posting those videos.
Yes, The Dutch Swing College Band was a very tight, professional band and I
have been collecting their key recordings since the 50s. I have got to say,
however, that I was always surprised that they sounded so, well, British. It
must be a European thing, although I suppose they had to compete with the
3Bs etc during those crazy days of the British trad boom. Come to think of
it, maybe in Holland the 'boom' never really ended. I'd like to think so,

I was just wondering, after watching that latest video, why the clarinet
player was so unsure of the chords to 'Tiger Rag' that he had them written
on his hand? I know it changes key for each theme but it is pretty simple.
Maybe they were for a more complicated tune that they played later in the
program? I suppose it is a bit passé after all these years to have a music
stand and a chord book? Especially with those elegant striped suits. Grin.
Hey, I'm all for professionalism and presentation!

Great band! Always!



Graham Martin
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

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coming Saturday

Hello all,
This wednesday, Hollands most famous traditional jazzband, the Dutch Swing
College Band, exists 65 years.They will celebrate this fact in a big concert
Saturday May 8, in Den Haag (The Hague) , Dr. Anton Phillipszaal.
Several guest singers will join, Laura Fygi, Mrs. Einstein and Freek de
The Dixieland Crackerjacks will provide the openings music from 19.00 -
20.15.The Dutch Swing College Band concert starts at 20.15
Here is a spirited video of the band in 1958 :
Here a great video from 1988 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxNHJxRK44U
And here they are with a more recent video, 2007 :
They are one of the most famous jazzbands in Europe, so if you can make it
to join their concert, don't hesitate!
Kind regards,
Bert Brandsma 		 	   		  
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