[Dixielandjazz] Music One Group of Banjo Kids Enjoys

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Sun May 2 11:00:59 PDT 2010

When I first tried to post this, it apparently bounced or something, then  
appeared a week after I sent it.  So who know what will happen to this  one.
Anyhow, the only tune they really don't like is the Theme from  Star Wars; 
i.e., that is the only tune they wanted to discard from their  book.  (It 
got in their book originally because one of the members who has  since left 
the band wanted to play it.)  But I would have never  guessed it would be 
their least favorite.
Their current most favorite is, "Dueling Banjos".  Second is, "At the  
Codfish Ball".  Not mainly the words -- they love that tune.   Next three are 
"Ghost Riders in the Sky, Saints, and Yes, Sir, That's My  Baby".
The older group who play The Entertainer do like it.  Whole  band also 
likes Over the Rainbow and the other two tunes from The Wizard of  Oz.
And of course, our book from the beginning has reflected tunes that we need 
 to learn to please our supporters.  A church kindly gives us rehearsal  
space at no charge so we have played for one of their services.  We will  play 
for the second year in a row at the Fretted Instrument Convention of  
America and so have to think about what that audience would like to  hear and 
see.  Since this band is totally reliant on parent and "friend"  support we 
have to choose music that's OK by them.
We are unique in that we have no sponsorship from any school or  
organization, just banjo friends who make donations, small and large, because  they 
like seeing kids learn jazz banjo.  We are not incorporated and have  no plans 
to be so.

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