[Dixielandjazz] Reunion Jazz Band

Bert Brandsma mister_bertje at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 30 22:38:04 PDT 2010

Hello Marek,The Dutch Reunion Jazz Band in fact still exists, but is not very active.It is led now by Dim Kesber, sole survivor of the great 1950 DSC band. The time the band was at is most popular in it's own country.The drummer still is Martien Beenen, sole survivor of the first professional DSC band from 1960. That was the time the DSC really started to make it internationally,including tours that lasted for 3 months in Latin America.
I met and talked to Mr. Kesber and Mr. Beenen at the DSC great 65 years jubilee, Mai 8. 
Kind regards,
Bert Brandsma


What, another Reunion Jazz Band?There used to be one in the Netherlands - ex-members of the DSC Band(for those who don't know the acronym - the Dutch Swing College Band,to this day one of the best bands anywhere), an excellent one.When Peter Schilperoort and some DSCB members decided to goprofessional, those who did not want to depend on music for livingdropped out, but continued playing and recording.  I do not knowwhether the Reunion Jazz Band was used for club or concert dates, butthe band made some terrific records.Cheers 		 	   		  
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