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> Here's a question for those in Britain.  Just saw the beginning of a 
> British
> film which was on ITV1 East Anglia starting at 3pm today.  I watched the
> first ten minutes as the various members of the cast wandered through a
> gardens for a flower show.  A dixieland band, including full front line &
> banjo (at least) was playing for those full 10 minutes.  They were often
> seen up close, and in the background wearing blue shirts.  Good band.  Who
> are they?
> The film doesn't seem to be old, and is called Midsomer Murders....about a
> rare orchid & the evil behind it.
> Too busy to watch the whole film, but it looks to be fun...and, as I said
> the band at the beginning was good.
> Jim


The below posting from: 

 Tue 27/Mar/07)
I cannot tell a lie - it is us The Derek Tatam Chicagoans!

We were constrained by the M M people to using only tunes that were out of 
copyright which left us with all the old warhorses - apart from - Davenport 
Blues - Bix died young enough for it to be included, the director chose the 
very best bit, the break from it.

The sound man kindly gave me a Minidisc of everything we recorded so iif 
you'd like a copy name your preferred medium MD, tape or CID I guess.

It's obviously been a long time since you posted your question but hope this 

We also made a brief appearance but a long background play in "Who Killed 
**** Robin" an earlier episode.

Derek Tatam

However, http://thedeadrockstarsclub.com/2008b.html ,sadly, lists him as 
having died in 2009.
John D

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