[Dixielandjazz] Benson Foraker Moore, better known as "Froggy"

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Thanks to every one who stuck to the original question and shared sources  
who have also pursued or tried to answer this question.  I can live  with no 
firm answers, but several possibilities as that was closer than I was  this 
morning when I asked.  The contortionist angle is particularly  interesting 
given the chromatic chords in the beginning.
Special thanks to Butch Thompson for Mike Meddings website  address.
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butte1 at mac.com writes:

As Bill  Haesler thought might be the case, Mike Meddings does indeed have 
some insight  into this question.  As you can read on Mike's splendid 
website, Mr.  Moore's World War II draft card has been found and the man's history 
 researched by Mike himself.  

Copy this link into your  browser.  That will take you to Louis Armstrong's 
draft card (not a bad  thing to inspect on its own).  This is where the 
website's essays on  musicians' draft cards can be found --- just scroll down, 
as the names are in  alphabetical order -- when you get to the M's, you'll 
find Benson Foraker  Moore, the man himself.  

I have to say here that the Meddings  website is the very last word in 
Morton research.  Anyone with an  interest in the man and his music really needs 
to check it out.  Now  here's the  link:


And  here is the home page link, where you can learn exactly how serious 
and how  extensive Mike's work has been:   


Butch  Thompson

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