[Dixielandjazz] Milenburg

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jun 23 16:43:18 PDT 2010

Pat Ladd wrote:
> I am sure that I had a 78 where the title was spelled `Milneburg Joys`. Kid Ory if I remember correctly.

Dear Pat,
During the jazz revival/reissue era (from the 40s on) well-meaning jazz collectors/record producers often 'corrected' the spelling of tune/song titles.
Which is why I always check the original 1920s sources.
Kid Ory was one of them when it came to "Milenberg Joys".
The first occasion was his 1 December 1953 Good Time Jazz session where the tune title was spelt "Milneberg" on the labels of the 7" EP, 10" LP, 12"LP and CD. 
No 78s from this record date were released.
Nor of subsequent Ory versions of "Milenberg/Milneberg Joys".
Sorry a bout that me old. 
It must have been the EP you recall.
Very kind regards,
PS: One of my favourite "Milenberg Joys" is the 2-part Victor Tommy rendition from 19 January 1939 with soloists Yank Lawson, Tommy Dorsey, Johnny Mince, Babe Russin and  a driving Dave Tough on drums. A Don Kincaide arrangement. 

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