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Tue Jun 22 03:48:21 PDT 2010

Pat Ladd wrote :-

> I have never seen a CD player which could `fast forward or back`except, 
> you are lucky,you can jump to the next segment.

Interesting, I've never seen a CD player that couldn't. The very first
CD player I bought back in the 80s could do it and even all the ones
I've had in cars could. You can skip forward and back by tracks of just
fast forward/back. Sometimes there are separate buttons or sometimes
you hold the one button for a second or two to start the fast motion.

> Picking out, say a solo from the middle of a piece for study is 

Some CD players I have let you mark the start and end of a passage and
get it to loop round and round ad infinitum. Making it much easier than
a tape to do this sort of thing.

Pat, get the manual out for your CD player. You might be surprised.

> I am sure that the CD`s you use have a 100 year life but the commercial 
> stuff  bought in a store by the average guy almost certainly have not. 
> could we tell in any case? Just buy expensive ones? Is that a guarantee? 
> have no way of knowing.

We had this discussion a while back. It seems there are different types
of dyes used and some have a longer life than others. For those wishing
to find out more, see



Andy Ling


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