[Dixielandjazz] Another place to find "young" OKOM musicians

Graham Martin grahmartin at bigpond.com
Mon Jun 21 17:28:08 PDT 2010

Hi Dave,

I was just thinking that your jug bands are what I would call a skiffle
group - from my youth, shades of Ken Colyer and Lonnie Donegan. A certain
very famous pop group from the 60s came out of a skiffle group called The
Quarrymen. No prizes for guessing who. But it does show that skiffle groups
or jug bands, whatever you want to call them, can be a good breeding ground
for any kind of music.

I might be missing something but where are the jugs? I thought that was an
essential part of a jug band.



Graham Martin
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

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Hi all,

Been traveling so I have not kept up on some threads, but I am on a  
Jug Band list  ( jugband at yahoogroups.com ) and there are a lot of  
young musicians playing that style of OKOM these days -
  just saw some videos here: http://www.youtube.com/howlongjugband   
and there have been a lot of other new groups forming all over North  
America and the rest of the world.  While there is some strange  
controversy among jug band musicians about what is "Jazz" and what is  
"Jugband" I certainly can see a lot of cross-over potential.

So maybe some OKOM societies could hire a local jug band as an opening  
act for their monthly sessions or something - the young  followers of  
the jug might also want to hear a more traditional jazz band - who  

By the way, for those on the East Coast - the California Repercussions  
(only somewhat of an OKOM band, but we do play Sacramento Festival)  
will be in New York City on the 30th of June and Washington DC on the  
4th of July - if you are around, look for us...

Dave Richoux

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