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> I'm sure there was some improvement in tape heads, but I always
> thought that the technological breakthrough that made cassettes
> viable for music reproduction was Dolby noise reduction.  Cassette
> tapes were around for some time in mono dictaphone machines,
> telephone answering devices, etc., but didn't come into use for music
> (and become stereo instead of just mono) until Dolby B was available.

Yes, Dolby NR was a major breakthrough in cassette recording and playback 
technology.   But tape formulations were also souped up (remember CrO2?), 
tape shell mechanisms improved, and much better electronics applied to the 
whole deal.   That said, the medium, if not well tweaked, could make miserable 
tapes --   and mass-produced commerical tapes duplicated at high speeds could 
sound atrocious.

As to the 15% RIAA 'tax' applied to Music-CD: no it does not license one to 
duplicate whatever you want; its intent was to mitigate sales lossess from 
making home copies etc.   The industry lobbies felt they were losing sales 
to casstte copies made for personal use.   The recording industry (and film 
industry) fought and lost court battles attempting to prohibit personal tape 
copying of media content for use in autos, walkmans, and personal-use 
compilations, etc.   I'm not arguing their case, just reporting what I followed in 
the press at the time.

Dave Radlauer

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