[Dixielandjazz] Recording the music

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sat Jun 19 09:56:52 PDT 2010

Pat wrote:
>I am sure that the CD`s you use have a 100 year life but the commercial 
stuff  bought in a store by the average guy almost certainly have not. How 
could we tell in any case? Just buy expensive ones? 

Stick to For Music Only (or something like that) labeled blank CDs...staying
away from For Data Recording, you will have a better chance of decent
material.  Yes, I would go for brand names.  For store bought blanks, I use
Philips CD-R, 700 MB, 80 min. disks.  Recording on an stand-alone CD
recorder which records in real-time (meaning 70 minutes of music takes 70
minutes to record) assures less chance of faults.  Recording on Data CD's at
multiple speeds is a less secure way of doing it, and you can end up with
the odd skip (drop). Look into a stand alone recorder.  It'll cost you a
bit, but you can record then without the use of your computer.


I certainly wouldn't worry about longevity with a CD....not at our age!


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