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>> advantages!  The one that stands out the most is the ability to 
>> "manipulate"
> the audio...yes, without scissors & with unlimited means to do whatever 
> the
> imagination comes up with.  > > proper cd player.  Scrolling & fast 
> forward are present.  CD deterioration
> depends on the quality of material used by the record company.  The ones I
> use in my studio have been proven (using fast methods of proof) to last 
> 100
> yrs.
>Hi Jim,
I have no doubt that if I were working in a pro studio I would agree.
However the ordinary guy who wants to play something in the car is doomed.
I have never seen a CD player which could `fast forward or back`except, if 
you are lucky,you can jump to the next segment.
Picking out, say a solo from the middle of a piece for study is impossible
I am sure that the CD`s you use have a 100 year life but the commercial 
stuff  bought in a store by the average guy almost certainly have not. How 
could we tell in any case? Just buy expensive ones? Is that a guarantee? We 
have no way of knowing.
I am particularly hung up on this at the moment as I have been transferring 
a collection of  Jazz at the Philharmonic from cassette to CD.
These were recorded on cassette from a set of LP`s made in 1993  which were 
the first LP`s to be made of reissued 78`s of the Norman Granz recordings of 
live concerts in the US between `44 and `49 .As it happens I still have a 
reasonable quality cassette player and the sound quality was very good. 
Wanting to play them in the car which now of course only has a CD player I 
wished to make a compilation CD. Its impossible without a comp. and a 
program. With my scissors and sellotape it would have been a doddle.
Difference beyween pro and amateur maybe. I dont want the whole list to fall 
upon me with stories of how simple it is to manipulate stuff on the computer 
either. Thank you very much. I am relating this to little old 20th Century 
non technical me.


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