[Dixielandjazz] general discussion, have we hit an all time musical low?

dj outrage djoutrage at freeukisp.co.uk
Thu Jun 17 22:02:50 PDT 2010

I was discussing this with a friend of mine that is a year younger than me
and just thought bits of this argument were valid to ocum...

Our generation, that of the teens and 20 somethings, has no music of it's
own, really, it can't relate to lady gargle and all that nonsense, because
there's nothing to relate to, some people can relate to hip hop, even
myself to some of it, as there is genuinly good music and lyric writing to
be ound there, but all we have to dance to is techno music, which frankly
bores 90 percent of people. and ritely so. Even in the current popular
music genres there's nothing eye catching out there for the musically
minded. I myself dj and get promos from various record companies and the
general tone of them has gone down hill a long way, even since 3 or so
years ago. However, in hip hop and techno circles there's a lot of talk of
the music going back to it's routes, I just wondered, does anyone think
this could happen with jazz? a kind of turnaround? I think a lot of people
need something to dance to that isn't techno or rap, and if I'm playing
jazz at a volume people can hear it at, students will knock and ask what
it is, some even if they can have a coppy of the cd or record. Whereas the
50s had rock and roll and doo wop, which I love almost as much as jazz,
the 60s had the beatles, psychedelia and so forth, the 70s had disco etc,
this generation has nothing to really relate or dance to. One of my bands
did a gig at the university i attend and played sweet georger brown and
the place went crazy, the dj afterwards played acon and nobody moved.
I'm not sure if this is the rite list to post on, and feel free to send
nasty comments my way about incorrect posting, just thought this could
have been a point...

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