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Hell, Bill, I knew all that.

It's just that since you do a far superior job of boring everyone to tears,
I couldn't see me standing in your way.

I'm ribbing you of course, my friend.  Any information that you come up with
is always appreciated by yours truly and I'm reasonably certain the bulk of
the DJML subscribers.

I think of us as something like a bakery operation.  I bake the cakes and
set them out to cool. Then you come along and put on the icing and
additional decorations.

The only thing missing here is quite possibly who dubbed Janet Leigh's
singing as I doubt very much if she did her own.

So, I guess it's back to the drawing board so to speak.


On 6/12/10, Bill Haesler <bhaesler at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> Harry Callaghan wrote [in part]:
> > Hopefully, the final word on "Pete Kelly's Blues" as I suspect most
> subscribers are probably tiring of it.
> Dear Harry,
> Not quite HC me ole china.
> The following is a bit long, so anyone not interested may wish to tune out
> now.
> Notwithstanding statements like Music from Jack Webb's Pete Kelly's Blues;
> Songs from Pete Kelly's Blues; Pete Kelly's Blues expanded soundtrack and
> other claims that LPs and CDs contain the sountrack music from Jack Webb's
> 1955 film 'Pete Kelly's Blues", with the possible exception of a Warner
> Brothers LP compilation, 'Fifty Years of Film Music' (3XX-2736), that
> includes the titles "Sugar" and "He Needs Me", and a Philips LP compilation
> (B21779H) that has the orchestral arrangement of "Pete Kelly's Blues' and "I
> Never Knew", NONE of the film's music soundtrack has been released on LP or
> CD. So far as I can find.
> For good reason.
> There is not enough of it. Full versions of songs/tunes in the film are
> short and the remainder are fragmented renditions or used as incidental
> music.
> I know, I've just re-watched the recent Warner Brothers DVD. (A great print
> too.)
> The following tune titles were featured in the film:
> "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" , "Oh, Didn't He Ramble" (sung by choir of
> Israelite Spiritual Church, New Orleans, featuring Teddy Buckner (cornet)
> and filmed at the Fleming Plantation at Lafitte, Louisiana , "Smiles" (Big
> 7), "Sugar" (Peggy Lee & Big 7), "I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now" (Janet
> Leigh & Harper Goff) , "Somebody Loves Me" (Peggy Lee & Big 7), "Bye Bye
> Blackbird" (the band singing in the car), "Hard Hearted Hannah" (Ella
> Fitzgerald), "He Needs Me" (Peggy Lee & Big 7), "Sing a Rainbow" (Peggy Lee
> in the hospital), "Ella Hums the Blues", "Breezin' Along With the Breeze",
> "After I Say I'm Sorry" (Big 7) and the two theme tunes "I Never Knew" and
> "Pete Kelly's Blues" (including a version by Ella Fitzgerald).
> All were included on the following three LPs from 1955 (which I have.)
> RCA Victor LPM1126 and LPM2053. 'Pete Kelly's Blues'. Pete Kelly and His
> Big Seven.
> Dick Cathcart (c) Moe Schneider (tb) Matty Matlock (cl) Eddie Miller
> (ts)Ray Sherman (p) Dick Van Eps (g) Jud de Naut (sb) Nick Fatool (d)
> Los Angeles. 17 April 1955
>        Pete Kelly's Blues
>        I Never Knew
>        Somebody Loves Me
>        Hard Hearted Hannah
>        Smiles
>        I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now
>        After I Say I'm sorry
>        Bye bye, Blackbird
>        Breezin' Along With The Breeze
>        Sugar
>        Oh, Didn't He Ramble
> One of the RCA LPs (LPM1126) includes a narration by Jack Webb. The earlier
> one (LPM2053) doesn't. This is the one I have.
> Decca DL8166. Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald 'Songs From Pete Kelly's
> Blues'.
> Ella Fitzgerald (vcl) acc by Don Abney (p) Joe Mondragon (b) Larry Bunker
> (d)
> Hollywood. 3 May 1955
>        Hard Hearted Hannah
>        Pete Kelly's Blues
>        Ella Hums The Blues
> Peggy Lee (vcl) acc by large band, Harold "Hal" Mooney (dir) personnel
> include Dick Cathcart (c) Matty Matlock (cl) Eddie Miller (ts) Dick
> McDonough (g) Nick Fatool (d)
> Los Angeles. 6 May 1955
>        (What can I Say) After I Say I'm Sorry
>        I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now
>        Oh, Didn't He Ramble
>        Sugar
>        Somebody Loves Me
> Los Angeles. 10 May 1955
>        I Never Knew
>        Bye Bye, Blackbird
>        He Needs Me
>        Sing A Rainbow
> Columbia CL690. 'Pete Kelly's Blues'. Matty Matlock and His Jazz Band.
> Dick Cathcart (c) Moe Schneider (tb) Matty Matlock (cl) Eddie Miller (ts)
> Ray Sherman (p) George Van Eps (g) Jud DeNaut (b) Nick Fatool (d)
> Los Angeles. 7 June 1955
>        Smiles
>        Sugar
>        After I Say I'm Sorry
>        I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now
> Los Angeles, June 9, 1955
>        Breezin' Along With The Breeze    Col CL690, B2105
>        Hard Hearted Hannah
>        Bye Bye, Blackbird
>        Oh, Didn't He Ramble
> Note: All the above titles are on Mosaic CD MD8-206 "Classic Columbia
> Condon Mob Sessions".
> Ray Heindorf Directing the Warner Bros. Orchestra.
> Ray Heindorf (cond) including Matty Matlock (cl) Warner Bros. Orchestra,
> Los Angeles. 11 June 1955
>    Pete Kelly's Blues
>    He Needs Me
>    I Never Knew
>    Somebody Loves Me
> The RCA LP (with narration) and the Decca LP with Peggy Lee and Ella have
> just been reissued on a Giant Steps CD (GSCR 027), "Pete Kelly's Blues
> Expanded Soundtrack". Well done too, with all track information included.
> Unlike the LPs.
> Now for a bit of trivia.
> Matty Matlock, George VanEps and Ray Sherman appear on screen as members of
> Kelly's Big 7.
> Other musicians on screen include:
> Herb Ellis and pianist Don Abney. Herman S. Saunders (pianist at jazz club)
> And (as members of the Tuxedo Club band) Perry Bodkin, Harper Goff [also
> the film's production designer] and Joe Venuti.
> And did you spot Jayne Mansfield as the brunette cigarette girl?
> As usual, more than you needed to know.
> 8>)
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
> PS: Now to try and tidy up Ginnys' "Si Tu Vois Mere" query. Better late
> than never.

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