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H, I originally sent this earlier in the week but it was late at night that
I was trying to get the message through and I inadvertently copied 2
previous messages without adding anything to them. It is quite likely that
people wondered what this fool was doing and did not bother to open the
third posting.

I believe that another poster had mentioned that there were some
similarities between "Lonesome" and "Si Tu...Mere" but Chilton firmly states
that the Jan.18th 1952 recording by Bechet was the first recording of the

Perhaps one of our European colleagues has more information, I see that
Gerard Bielderman has published Claude Luter discography, #57,but I do not
see reference to a Bechet one. Tom Lord's publication would almost certainly
cast light on the timing of these matters.

Sorry to resurrect this but the interest is still there for least some

Glen Page.

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Re Bechet,
Shiek of Araby was recorded on 19th of April 1941 commencing at 9.30 am.
This was followed by "Blues for Bechet" although he ran out of studio time
after having recording 4 parts only, piano, tenor sax,clarinet and soprano,
in that order. A full account of this session is to be found on pages 141
and 142 in John CHILTON'S book "Sidney Bechet, The Wizard Of Jazz ".

The tunes were included on French RCA PM 45728 "The Complete Sidney Bechet,
(vol 5)

Si Tu Vois Ma Mere is mentioned in passing on p 204 and reference of its
first recording on Jan 18th 1952 with Claud Luter's orchestra is made on
Chilton describes this tune as"absolutely enchanting".

Sorry I cannot quote any more but it is time to hear some music before I hit
the sack.

Glen Page.

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Harry Callaghan wrote:

> In 1941, as an experiment in overdubbing, Bechet recorded "The Sheik
> of Araby", playing SIX instruments.  I have no idea what album you would
> find it on. but I thought it might be worth mentioning here.  I d 

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