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OK, then perhaps I am wrong.  In fact, I'm sure that I am wrong.  

Not sure that all the songs on the album were used in the film though.  Just some of them evidently.  


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That's interesting.  The album cover states "Digitally remastered songs from the 1955 Jazz Soundtrack of Pete Kelly's Blues featuring "Pete Kelly and his Big Seven."  Guess you can say anything you want on an album cover.  If you would like I will be glad to send you a copy of the cover.
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> Randy Fendrick wrote:
>> Mark-There is an album which was probably the sound track that was narrated by Jack Webb with Matty Matlock.  On the band is Matty Matlock, clarinet, Dick Cathcart, trpt; Moe Schneider, trombone; Eddie Miller, tenor sax; Nick Fatool drumsl George Van Eps guitar; Ray Sherman Piano and Jud DeNaut bass. Hope this helps,
> No.  The recording is made by the same band that did the film.  But the music is not from the film.  
> --Bob Ringwald

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