[Dixielandjazz] Andy Schumm

John and Sidnee Fortier jsfortier at chartermi.net
Thu Jun 10 05:35:37 PDT 2010

Was interested to see the post on Andy Schumm.  I live in Madison, WI and we get to hear him fairly regularly in this area along with David Bock, the other young musician mentioned.  They play with a group called the Rhythm Aces, headed jointly by Roy Rubinstein from Chicago and Dave MacGregor (reeds) from Milwaukee.  They play the first Tuesday of every month at the Bavarian Inn in Milwaukee and once every other month in Madison at the Coliseum Bar.  Incredible musicians!  Andy plays piano and bass saxophone as well as trumpet and David Bock plays trombone, tuba, string bass, piano, and trumpet (possibly other things as well).  Dave plays piano with another of Dave MacGregor's groups, the Vagabond Reeds (Dave M. and Harold Smith of Beloit on reeds).  We are lucky to have as much of OCOM around here as we do!  John Fortier 

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