[Dixielandjazz] the future

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Thu Jun 10 04:14:35 PDT 2010

Having just received that really nice reminder as to how we can search the
djml archives, I did so.  Others will find that they might be drawn to the
"authors" area, and will type in their own name (the old ego acting up!).  I
did!  The first post from years ago that popped up under my name was a copy
of 4 comments my band had received in the press following a concert in the
north of Spain (translated here from the Spanish): 
........simply glows with dignity & shows a level of musicianship which
can be envied by many.
........have enough energy & connection so that the joy of jazz becomes
contagious to all present.
........with the CSJB it is impossible to be bored or consider that jazz
is for the intellectuals or the minority. 
.........nothing to object to, and much to applaud.

Just awhile back, we were discussing on djml about Jazz & it's ability (or
lack of) to stay alive.  If bands can elicit similar comments from their
gigs, than I doubt if we have anything to worry about.  Those 4 elements are
the essence of success & a bright future.


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