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>> OK, I've stayed out of this just too long! Judie, just who are all  
>> these people you are talking about that says "it's for the money",  
>> "because it's sure not the music or the fun of it when they toured  
>> or play with Woody". I believe you just speak out of the wrong part  
>> of your body too much! I have been associated with Woody for many  
>> many years now and nobody is higher paid then me and my fellow  
>> musicians! As for playing ability, who in the hell are you and what  
>> do you play? Maybe if you're that good I should hire you for the  
>> band. You obviously never did read the 5 pages of the interview.  
>> There are many of us in New York City that know something about  
>> what we are talking about. BUT, I sure you have a chip on your  
>> shoulder about New York and it's players also. NOW, please, (I beg  
>> of you) if you can back up your statements about all of these  
>> people that had so much trouble and no fun playing with us speak  
>> now -- or forever hold your peace!!!! Eddy Davis (70 years old and  
>> played this music professionally all of my life!)

For those few who may not know who Eddy Davis is, he is the banjo  
player and leader of the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band which has a  
Monday night residency at the Cub Carlyle (Hotel Carlyle) in NYC.  
Woody Allen is featured in that band.

Eddy has gone on tour with Woody in Europe, is on the DVD of that  
tour, and regularly plays all over the USA with Woody Allen. He is  
therefore quite qualified to speak about the musicians who play with  
that group.

I only wish I was in Eddy's band when Woody isn't able to make the  
gig.. <grin>

Here is a prescient excerpt from a statement Max Kaminsky  made about  
75 years ago about "The Jazz Addict".

"Jazz, like Dr Frankenstein, had all unwittingly created a monster in  
its own image - the jazz addict - who in becoming all hopped up  
about . . . its significance as an art form, very nearly snuffed the  
life out of it. Jazz no longer belonged to the musicians and dancers.  
It was taken over lock stock and barrel by the fans, the addicts, the  
record collectors, the amateur critics . . . These were the people who  
now decided what was jazz and what wasn't, who dictated how it should  
be played and on what instrument, and specified who could, or could  
not play 'real Jazz'."

Let all the fans with knowledgeable ears take a step back, breathe  
deeply, relax, and then realize that your opinions reflect only your  
selves. Leave the musicians alone, for they have to go out every night  
and be "on" to please their audience. Every time they perform, they  
give you a little piece of their soul.

Bottom line? They do not perform specifically for YOU. So if you don't  
like what they do, don't listen. There is not need to make Kaminsky's  
words about snuffing the life out of jazz, a self fulfilling prophesy.

Steve Barbone

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