[Dixielandjazz] Woody Allen and public perception of OKOM

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Rick Campbell wrote:

Sorry, just a new member, didn't catch the off-list status, didn't  
understand the protocols. I am trainable.

On Jun 5, 2010, at 7:59 AM, Harry Callaghan wrote:

> This sure as hell doesn't look "off-list" to me........give it a rest.
> On 6/5/10, Rick Campbell <ricksax at comcast.net> wrote:
> Does a poor performance of traditional jazz really further our cause?
> As a clarinetist, I accept that there are many styles of clarinet  
> playing, including Woody Allen's personal and rough-cut approach.  
> But from my viewing of "Wild man Blues" I am puzzled about why he  
> continually doubles the melody, and rarely engages in the kind of  
> call-and-response polyphony that makes early jazz special.
> The early jazz clarinetist is largely responsible for the harmonic  
> character of the front line of any trad band by his choice of notes.  
> When the clarinetist fails at this task, all the air is let out of  
> the tire, so to speak. Mr. Allen is very intelligent, and I am sure  
> with study and practice he could master the harmonic techniques  
> necessary to elevate his role within his otherwise excellent band.
> After years of participating in jam sets at jazz societies, or in  
> freebie jam bands, I've come to the conclusion that a ragged  
> performance of early jazz only reinforces certain stereotypes to the  
> listening public: that trad jazz is too loud, out of tune, jumbled  
> and disorganized, and "it all sounds the same."
> So the public doesn't understand how sublime the music can be when  
> played with skill and sensitivity by Buck Creek or Grand Dominion or  
> Climax or Bob Schultz or Black Swan.
> We have been gifted with a marvelous array of music from the early  
> 20th century, and as Sidney Bechet said, we should "treat it gentle."
> Mr. Allen is a sensitive fellow. Perhaps he will take a hint and  
> spend a bit more time woodshedding in private. If he had used the  
> many hours he has spent on the analyst's couch for clarinet  
> practice, we would all be happier.
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